Beneficiaries 2011



Lisa George

(Jeppe Prep)

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. This is indeed a dream come true. – to stand before you as one of the first four selected girls to receive the Ruth First Scholarship. 


I’d like to thank everyone involved in the election of finalists for this great opportunity.


The scholarship means a lot to me. Not only will it impact my education and my future, but it is my opportunity to set a high standard and be a role model to others as one of the first candidates for this scholarship. I realise that it comes with responsibility and a certain amount of positive pressure, but I’m ready for it.


Being associated with someone as iconic as Ruth First is an honour and great privilege. Ruth First displayed many great qualities and I aspire to emulate some of them. She stood up for her beliefs no matter what the consequences and I plan to follow in her footsteps. I am also loyal, trustworthy, driven, kind, helpful, I have good team work skills and I get the job done.


You won’t regret choosing me as one of the finalists because I won’t disappoint you. I promise to maintain good grades, present excellent behaviour, take part in sport and cultural activities and always uphold Jeppe’s good name. 


Who knows, in years to come, I might stand before you once again as Head Girl or maybe even the first woman president of SA. 


Thank you. 

Zenadene Lazarus

(Dunvegan Primary)

Good evening ladies, gentlemen and all friends and family of Ruth First.


It is an absolute honour and privilege to stand before you as a recipient of the Ruth First Scholarship. As a pioneer in this pilot project, I commit myself to being the best that I can be. 


I thank God for putting an angel like Ruth First on this earth. One of the brightest stars on the Jeppe Girls alumni roll. A true champion of justice and a genuine heroine of the struggle. A leader who risked her life and paid the ultimate price to make a better South Africa for all.


This humble mother was a passionate anti-apartheid activist made the 

world aware of the evil that existed through her writing, but more than this, she was a woman of action. She didn’t just talk the talk, she walked the walk by organising demonstrations against the regime. 


In this spirit of ubuntu, this mother of Mzanzi is giving us, the children of this new rainbow nation, a chance of actually walking in the same school that she did, with a real opportunity of making a success of our lives.


I intend to follow her example and bring more honour and pride to this school and her most wonderful foundation.


On behalf of my family and myself, I take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude and for making the expression “Amandla awethu” so relevant in our lives. 


Stacy Tim

(Jeppe Prep) )

Good Evening ladies and gentlemen. My name is Stacy Tim. I am 13 years old and extremely honoured to be receiving the Ruth First Scholarship.


Ruth First was a mother, wife and activist who strove for equality in South Africa.


She was born in Johannesburg, 

South Africa and attended Jeppe High School for Girls. She studied at the University of the Witwatersrand with Nelson Mandela and Eduardo Mondlane. In 1949 she married Joe Slovo.


Ruth First was a voice to many South Africans who were oppressed by the 

apartheid Government at the time. In 1963 she went into exile but she continued to work for the downfall of the apartheid regime. Tragically in 1982 she was assassinated. 


Today women like Ruth continue to fight for what they believe in and are confident, powerful women. These women are changing the world. Ruth First and many other heroines should be honoured for all their efforts and contributions to democracy.


I think I am similar to Ruth First in many ways because I am confident, brave and stand up for what I believe in. I am proud to be a part of the Jeppe family and a recipient of this prestigious 



I am aware that this amazing opportunity will shape my future in ways that I cannot imagine right now.


My deepest thanks and gratitude to the friends and family of Ruth First, for lighting a torch that I can carry and pass on to the next generation. 


Melissa Mpoyi Wa Mpoyi (Jeppe Prep) 

Henry Ford once said: “Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right.” 


Good evening, I’m Melissa Mpoyi and I am one of the top four candidates to be awarded the Ruth first Scholarship. 


Being awarded this scholarship has made me understand the importance of education, education for all. It reminds me to be aware of what I have in my life compared to those who sleep on an empty stomach every night. It’s made me realise that having a right to education and education for all are slightly different.


Having a right to education means you have access to an education when your parents provide money for you to be a part of the system even if they are underprivileged. With the capabilities and skills I possess I promise to work to my potential to make up for every kid who does not have an 

education. I stand before you as a representative of the many who need and want a better life. 


I would like to thank all our sponsors, the heads of the school and Ruth First for being an amazing heroine. I would like to congratulate the three other candidates and to end off with Bryan Mygauly’s words: "the greatest achiever you can ever come across in your life is yourself.”