Sasha-Lee Morare: playwright, English Olympiad finalist, musician

Sasha-Lee was recently awarded 12th place in the National De Beers’ English Olympiad at a ceremony during the Grahamstown Festival. This was the highlight of her school trip to the festival where the girls attended performances twice a day. Her favorite show was the AfroFusion dance production which she describes as “an emotional experience, with a storyline of men exploring their feminine side, and challenging our patriarchal society”.

A deep thinker, Sasha-Lee embraced the opportunity to get in touch with her dark side in exploring this year’s Olympiad theme, The Darkness in Man’s Heart. The self-study anthology which participants engaged with included extracts from Gothic Novels (Frankenstein was her favourite) as well as the South African novella by Oswald Mtshali, “This Book Betrays My Brother”.

As a Ruth First scholar, Sasha-Lee reflected on the opportunities which had come her way, including attending theatrical productions (Phantom of the Opera was her ultimate) and the space which the mentorship programme had offered her – to forget about her stresses and anxieties and let go of her inhibitions. Highlights of her school career include writing the original script for Disa’s house play, based on the novel by Ndumiso Ngcobo, “Some of My Best Friends are White.” and playing percussion in the orchestra for the school’s production of “Fame”.

Not surprisingly, post Matric, Sasha-Lee is interested in studying further in the Performing and Visual Arts. Her sites are set on the film industry, seeing stories told in different formats: visually, orally and musically.

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