Innovator, techie, dance queen, team player

Melissa Nyalungu presents as a quiet, studious, diligent pupil. Her favorite subjects are Physical Science and Life Science, she is a consistent Top Ten academic achiever, has full academic colours and is a school councillor.

So, her response to her favourite memory of Jeppe Girls comes as quite a surprise: leading the cheerleading for her house, Harveya at this year’s swimming gala! She relished the opportunity to ‘go wild’. Other ‘best times’ include the flower shows, debates, assemblies and inter-house events in general – those moments when the academic pressure is off, and there is room for spontaneity and space to improvise: one of her favourite things.

Melissa loves to dance – be it choreographed or impromptu, and her church offers her the space to do this on a regular basis. She is a team player who relishes being part of the bigger Ruthie Sisterhood, and in particular the Matric Ruthie Squad – “If I really need something, I know that my fellow Ruthie Matrics will help me out.”

Her sights are set on studying Computer Science at UCT, Wits or the University of Pretoria. She describes herself as a Techie – and views technology as something malleable, “You can shape it into anything you want it to be”. Her dream would be to get to MIT: “in the movies, that’s where the techies go.”

The four C’s of 21stCentury learning are defined as Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication. Melissa ticks these boxes – we wish her well to fly and realise her dreams.

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