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A Day of Inspiration and Opportunity at AVI Group

On a sunny Tuesday, 14 Ruth First scholarship recipients, who are sponsored by the AVI Group, experienced a transformative visit to AVI’s head office. AVI has supported the Ruth First Jeppe Memorial Trust since 2012. They are renowned for housing many of South Africa’s leading and best-loved brands. From hot beverages and snacks to personal care products, cosmetics, footwear, and fashion apparel, AVI Group's influence is felt in households nationwide. For many of our Ruthies over the years, AVI have made their dreams possible too!  

The visit commenced with a warm welcome from AVI Groups Corporate Social Investment (CSI) team from AVI Cares. The Ruthies were presented with thoughtful gifts that included school shoes and sandals from Green Cross, one of AVI’s cherished brands, as well as a selection of premium cosmetics. These tokens of appreciation were just the beginning of an enriching day.

Interactive Discussions: A Gateway to Diverse Careers

The highlight of the visit was an extensive tour of AVI's Head Office. The girls were guided through various departments, each offering a glimpse into the myriad of career opportunities available within the company. Many teenagers are familiar only with traditional career paths, but this visit opened their eyes to a world of possibilities.

Throughout the tour, the Ruthies engaged in interactive discussions and were exposed to professionals from numerous fields, including HR, finance, IT, marketing, sales, product development and fashion design. These conversations were invaluable, providing the girls with insights into the daily responsibilities and challenges of each role. It was a unique opportunity to envision themselves in careers they had previously not considered.

Looking Ahead: Job Shadowing for Practical Exposure

The visit was not just a one-time event but the beginning of a deeper engagement. Plans are in place for the girls to undertake job shadowing in different divisions of AVI Group later this year. This hands-on experience will allow them to gain practical exposure and a better understanding of what various careers truly entail.

Building a Brighter Future

AVI's commitment to empowering young women through education and career development is evident in their support of the Ruth First Jeppe Memorial Trust. This visit has undoubtedly sparked new aspirations and provided our Ruthies with the tools and motivation to pursue their dreams.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to AVI for their generosity and dedication to making a difference in the lives of the Ruthies. Together, we are building a brighter future, one where every girl has the opportunity to achieve her full potential.

Robyn Hill

Manager: Ruth First Jeppe Trust

Should you wish to make a donation, payment is accepted by SnapScan or eft to Absa, Eastgate, Branch code 632005, Account number 4076706321. Many thanks.

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