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School is back!

As the third term of 2022 draws to a close, there’s a sense of relief and release ahead of the ten-day break to recharge for the final stretch to the end of the year. After more than two years of Covid interruptions and challenges, school is back! The corridors are busy, the extra murals are ticking, the choirs are singing – and summer is on its way! Time to celebrate and recognise what some of our Ruthies have been up to, in and out of school.

“Volleyball has opened my mind to new possibilities. It has enabled me to improve my agility and reflexes but most of all, it has made me into a better player and person. I love its confusing rotations and its ability to draw me back in. Being the captain of the first team this year has been an absolute privilege. We have shared many laughs, tears, victories, and defeats but each time we learnt from our mistakes and conquered the challenge. We have broken records and achieved improved goals to inspire new players. What started out as six people on a court, turned into lifelong friendships which I will cherish forever. I am proud to know that I am a part of a phenomenal group of individuals who came together to dig, set and spike!” Diya Narotam, RF 2018, Volleyball captain.

“This is a three-year silver award streak, and I cannot be happier. It’s always a pleasure writing the English Olympiad because I get exposed to new views through diverse literature.” Lucky Geluk, RF 2018, on her Silver award in the National English Olympiad. Nomagugu Khumalo, RF 2019 was awarded Gold, Musabbihah Areff, RF 2020, Lucky Geluk, RF 2018 and Bokamoso Mokete, RF 2019 received Silver and Gloria Tshipata, RF 2019 Bronze. Comfort Ihenacho, RF 2019 and Sinethemba Madonsela RF 2018 obtained Merit awards.

“As this was my first Alberton Eisteddfod, I was grateful for the opportunity to expand my creative dimensions further. Participating in prose and public speaking, I learnt new ways to express myself and was thrilled to receive a gold diploma (90+) for both.” Nomagugu Khumalo, RF 2019, Alberton Drama Eisteddfod. Nchongator Besong, RF 2021 was also awarded a gold certificate.

“It was fulfilling and heart-warming to see the results of our dedication to and love for chess.” Katlego Mokgatla, RF 2019 “I felt really empowered to acknowledge and not second guess my capabilities in an attempt to unlock other aspects of my potential.” Favor Onyekwere, RF 2020. Jeppe Girls won a bronze medal in the Under 19 Gauteng Chess championships In August. The team was made up of the six top chess players in the Wednesday school league, and three of them were Ruthies, Katlego, Favor and Sierra Mudangwe, RF 2021.

“I was filled with much joy as I walked through the WITS gates. I felt honoured to be in the midst of such powerful minds. I gave my all, to represent my school, my team and my capabilities. When we finished presenting, I said to myself, ‘Irrespective of the outcome, we were all phenomenal.’ ” Margaret Peterson, RF 2019, on participating in and winning the Wits Integrated Experience in Science, Commerce and Engineering. After a day attending lectures across all faculties at Wits, the team were given a number of facts around an airplane crash and had to use integrated problem-solving skills to reach a solution to the cause of the crash. They were awarded first place and received a cheque of R25 000 for the school.

“It was an honour to be able to participate in the South African National Geography Olympiad where I got to use my prior geographical knowledge as well as learn new things which enabled me to receive silver. I was thrilled with the outcome.” Lamees Matwadia, RF 2018, on her Silver award in the South African National Geography Olympiad. Jeppe Girls placed first in the public-school section and third overall. Layla Fynn, RF 2018, Thato Kewagile, RF 2020 and Boka Mokete, RF 2020 received medals for participation.

“It was such an incredible moment, crossing that finish line and realizing I was first place in a new record which was far more than I expected to achieve that day. Even after the countless times I've run in races, each one gives me goosebumps because it is just so exhilarating knowing I’ve worked so hard leading up to this moment.” Alex Okoye, RF 2021, holder of the Under 15 200m record at Jeppe Girls. “Having broken the record reminds me that it's important to push yourself and believe that success is possible if you are determined and motivated.” Nchong Besong, RF 2021, holder of the U16 400m record. Both these girls were in the relay team which broke the Under 15 relay record as well.

Our thanks go to the teachers who support the girls in all these extra mural activities – to everyone, enjoy your hard-earned holidays.

Diya is pictured (right) with her fellow volleyball team mate, Tatum Murphy.

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