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Shooting our shots!

Three Grade 11 Ruthies. Three black blazers. Three top academic achievers. Three girls focused on achievement, hard work and following their dreams. We celebrate Bessem, Lucky and Maroushkha in their academic colours blazers this month and reflect on what they have learned from one another.

Maroushkha is the quiet studious one, with enviable time management skills, fierce focus and an admirable way of balancing the many stresses of being a top academic in Grade 11. Her subject choices include Design, Physical and Life Sciences, Accounting and both AP Maths and English. She also plays Volleyball, wants to try out for Netball and is on the Debating Team.

Bessem is the outspoken extravert who bubbles with energy and enthusiasm. Her subject choices mirror Maroushkha’s with the exception of History rather than Design. They have been in the same class since Grade 8: they study, stress and plan together. Lucky admires Bessem’s athletic prowess – particularly in the 100m sprint and hurdles. Bessem also plays soccer for the First Team and has her sights set on playing link in one of the top hockey teams later this year.

"Lucky has a radiance which screams leader” says Maroushkha. Her subject choices include Visual Art, Consumer Studies, Geography and History, as well as AP English. Her colleagues admire her for being happy to be different, for stepping out of conforming to the norm of “clever girls do Maths and Physics” and following her passion with her Art. Lucky is also involved in Public Speaking, Orienteering, Athletics and Debating at school.

Reflecting on receiving their Academic colours, the girls had this to say:

“I am proud of myself. This was great practice for achieving my long-term goals. It wasn’t easy staying focused last year during the Covid lockdowns, but I did it. It feels great.” Maroushkha Maghoma

“Hard work pays off. Through all the self-study and isolation in lockdown, I stayed confident and believed I could overcome, and I did.” Bessem Besong

“It feels like shooting a goal in the netball post. When I arrived at Jeppe, I wanted a black blazer. I knew my only shot was through academics as I am not very sporty. And so I put my mind to it, and I have achieved it.” Lucky Geluk

The lack of rivalry and degree of support and mutual admiration between the three of these girls is remarkable. We seek to foster these qualities on the Ruth First programme and it is wonderful seeing them come to the fore. The girls revel in their own and one another’s success – and so do we. Congratulations – we look forward to watching you shoot the lights out in the year ahead.

From left to right above: Lucky, Maroushkha and Bessem in their new Colours blazers. Academic colours are awarded from the beginning of Grade 11 to girls who have achieved a Promotional Mark > 80% in Grades 8, 9 and 10.

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