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Shout out to our Donors!

Mid-winter 2020 in Johannesburg: taxi strikes, Covid-19 cases rising at a rapid rate, a subdued school atmosphere as the Grade 12’s move about in a disciplined manner wearing their masks. As an uplifting antidote to the gloom, we are in the process of final selection of our candidates for 2021 – mindful of the life changing opportunity which we are offering to these potential recipients, and the talent which we have seen over the past two weekends. And this is due to one thing only: the generosity of our donors.

Over the decade to February 2020, we have received donations totaling just over R15 million. Two thirds of this has come from twenty-four Corporate Donors and Trusts, and just under R5 million from 120 individuals in their personal capacity.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The bulk (>95%) of the trust’s expenditure is school fees. In the current climate, Jeppe Girls is delighted to be assured of payment in full of the fees of our 58 Ruthies, equating to R2,070 million. We have received Covid specific donations in the past couple of months which have enabled us to support some of our most needy families with cash donations, in addition to the food parcels and data which the school has arranged. The Jeppe community spirit lives on.

These are tough times in our country, and the scourge of gender-based violence is ever present. Investment in girls’ education is more important than ever as a means of empowerment, and a way out of poverty. Your support has enabled our 39 alumnae to go on to tertiary studies and pursue their dreams. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, digital designers, teachers, accountants, pharmacists – these are some of the paths our girls are following at universities around the country. And our current crop of Ruthies are doing their best to adapt to the new ways of learning online, and looking forward to the day when they can return to school, see their friends, reconnect with their teachers and adapt to the ‘new school normal’.

You have made a difference and continue to make a difference. We appreciate you, we value you and we thank you. We know that disposable income to support initiatives like this is under great pressure - but our girls need you now more than ever!

Picture: Five of our Grade 10 and 11 girls attended a workshop facilitated by the Rhodes Trust at GIBS in February pre-lockdown.

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