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The fondest of farewells and warmest of welcomes

Ruth First Mentors, Ruthies and 2024 scholarship recipients 

As we say goodbye to 2023 in this final newsletter for the year, we look back with warm hearts at our closing mentorship session that was held before our Matrics started their final exams in October. In this session, the mentors, Ruthies and new 2024 recipients were able to wish the Matrics well, and importantly the Matrics were given the chance to impart the wisdom they have gained, from 5 years of experience in the programme, to the rest of the Ruthies. This included anecdotes of the importance of surrounding themselves with the right people; of trying new things outside of their comfort zones, and asking for help when its needed. 

In an especially poignant moment, the Matrics ceremonially lit candles and passed them on to the new Ruth First recipients who are starting Grade 8 in 2024. A symbolic gesture of passing on the torch and an invitation to walk in their footsteps towards success. 

Our Ruth First alumnae, who are now mentors, also shared their experiences with the Matrics in preparation for the challenges of University and adulthood. A welcoming into the alumnae, so to speak, and a reminder that the network of support and sisterhood does not yet end at Matriculation.  

Our 2024 Ruth First scholarship recipients

As we sign off on another successful year for the Ruth First Jeppe Memorial Trust, we wish our Matriculants everything of the best for their results and we look forward to hearing about their adventures in tertiary education at the next alumnae function. 

I, personally, also want to express my gratitude for your continued support and belief in our programme. 

We wish you all a safe and blessed festive season.  

Robyn Hill

Manager: Ruth First Jeppe Memorial Trust

Should you wish to make a donation, payment is accepted by SnapScan or eft to Absa, Eastgate, Branch code 632005, Account number 4076706321. Many thanks.

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