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Updated: Sep 6, 2021

“This is one of the most informed groups I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Their emotional maturity, poise and confidence, and their readiness for making career decisions is at a July Grade 12-level. They are a delight to work with.” These are the words Professor Zak Nel, the renowned career counsellor left us with last Wednesday on completing his interviews with our ten Grade 11 Ruth First students.

Professor Nel covers a lot of ground in his thirty-minute interviews! Drawing on his analysis of test results (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Self-Directed Search and a Biographical Questionnaire), and assessment of current academic results, he works with each candidate to identify their aspirations and turns this into a concrete plan and way forward. His breadth of knowledge of the curricula offered by the universities around the country is remarkable and his generosity of spirit resonates well with the girls. And he does not shy away from giving bad news about unrealistic expectations, albeit in a gentle manner!

“The session with Zac Nel gave me clear direction towards the future that I truly seemed to be destined for.” Phomolo Khoza, whose sights are set on Architecture.

“My interview with Zac Nel was very insightful. It brought about a change in my thinking and goals. I am looking forward to pursuing the many paths in front of me.” Sheila Kruger, whose eyes were opened to her strong business brain.

“My experience with Professor Nel was one of a kind. It was informative and helpful. His insight has helped me greatly as now I know which career to go into.” Enyonam Moshikaro. “You are going to make a very good student at University.” – Prof Nel

“For me it is not about the career I want to follow, it is about fulfilling my calling. Professor Nel uses your personality and strengths to pull you closer to your calling. He suggested some career courses that I never thought about. This actually revealed things I did not know about myself and now I have a clear direction to follow.” Naledi Lephuting. "Your genuine warmth and engagement light up the day." – Prof Nel

“My session with Professor Nel was remarkable. I was very impressed with his ability to accurately read my character and strengths in such a short time and additionally give career recommendations that all correlated with my interests. He not only gave me recommendations on careers, but on universities and accommodation options too! His advice went further into exploring what I might see myself doing in ten years time. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity, as it was most valuable, and I am more confident in my career choice.” Tshaamano Mabuba. “I will be watching the leadership positions at Jeppe Girls with great interest come the end of this year.” – Prof Nel

“Prof Zac Nel is amazing. He cleared my blurry vision and put me on track to work even harder for my dreams. Dreams I never thought I could have.” Rayaan Mwela whose eyes were opened to Aeronautical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Accounting.

This is the sixth year of Professor Nel offering Career Counselling to our girls. We are most grateful to him giving of his time, and to our donors for providing the resources to enable us to open up the world of work to our girls in this manner.

Prof Nel is pictured here with Masabata Mpou in her counselling session.

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