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Our Ruthies' experience of lockdown

Opportunities to find deeper powers within arise when life seems most challenging. Every day is a Sunday during the COVID-19 pandemic. With an open mind and a cheerful heart, I remain calm and appreciative for those risking their lives for us. Bessem Besong RF 2018

It has taught me that life is a precious gift and I am grateful. Our teachers continue to uplift us even during this time of difficulty.

Candice Thabete RF 2020

I am focused on self-evaluation and ways in which I can become a better version of myself, so as to achieve the goals I set at the beginning of the year.

Chiamaka Obi RF 2018

It has shown me that I am capable of doing far more than only fulfilling school duties. I have learned some time management skills along the way.

Comfort Ihenacho RF 2019

It has taught me that without a teacher we wouldn't be Ruthies today. Teachers are the bedrock of our future.

Favor Onyekwere RF 2020

At the end of each day, I write down one thing that I am grateful for and one thing that makes me happy. No matter how small, this lets in a little light no matter how dark it may seem.

Humayra Akhalwaya RF 2014

My university coding assignments have been consuming my time during lock down. I don't mind though as I find it really exciting to create games. I have also been reading The Lovely Bones.

Jamie Moyce RF 2014

It is not that great. I am able to reflect and find inner peace, but I miss all my loved ones...including friends and teachers and I cannot stay focused‼

Keabetswe Mokgatla RF 2020

I’m coping by participating in my university residence's online program. The program is focused on mental health, healthy living and getting "work ready". It's been helpful.

Kgomotso Sekhukhune RF 2014

I'm keeping busy by doing some things I wouldn't usually do such as baking. I'm also staying on top of my schoolwork because lockdown is no excuse to slack. Lamees Matwaida RF 2018

I have built a bird house with my dad and brother. I’ve also tried baking, not always successfully as it sometimes comes out under baked.

Layla Fynn RF 2018

If I'm being totally honest, I don't think it’s that bad. I’ve found a sense of calm I never knew and I am enjoying the 'new way of life'.

Musabbihah Areff RF 2020

I choose to focus on what I love the most to relieve any anxiety, and of course simply to enjoy it! I've been reading novels, some bringing tears to my eyes and others taking me to faraway places, away from lockdown.

Nomagugu Khumalo RF 2019

I’ve learned patience and calmness, as well as having hope for the future in the midst of sadness.

Sokhna Diop RF 2020

I am experiencing a whirlwind of emotions, from anxiety to contentment. If we adapt to the situation and set ourselves a mindset on how we can handle this, we will get through it!!

Ukamaka Uzoma RF 2020

This truly humbling experience has shown me to be grateful for everything. It has impacted me, my job, my family and has taught me that we are fortunate enough to be alive and have food and a home when lots of our people are really suffering. It's sometimes easy to get caught up in all the negativity but I’ve used it to change my perspective on life.

Zenadene Lazarus RF 2011

Bessem is pictured above with her dog, Brutus.

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